About Smoothies HQ

Smoothies HQ is all about bringing a deliciously healthier lifestyle to you. If you have been looking for ways to sneak in a tasty, yet healthy snack, Smoothies HQ is the right stop. We want every bottle to be a unique experience exemplified in every drink that is carefully crafted and catered to your needs. Using only the freshest products available, our drinks are all natural and contain no added sugars or sweeteners. What you taste is nothing but goodness in a bottle.

What's important to us?


Serving nothing but the best, we strive to bring you the sweetest fruits, and the tastiest drinks while keeping your health in mind.

Speed & Accuracy

We are quick and precise when blending your drinks. So you actually get what you order when you want it.

Customer Service

Good Customer service is more than just an action. It is a philosophy and a way of life here at Smoothies HQ.